A regular membership covers an individual, their spouse and dependent children. The person joins Metro-West Steelheaders which is considered their “Home Chapter” and is eligible to participate in the chapter’s outings, events, etc. as long as they abide by the chapter’s rules and regulations.


Senior Members: Currently the MSSFA does not have a separate membership classification for NEW SENIOR MEMBERS. Grandfathered members that were MSSFA Senior members in 2004 are eligible to continue to pay a reduced membership fee to MSSFA and MWS. You may type your approval pin number in the Promotional Code box at checkout (next page) to receive your reduced rate. If you do not have a pin number, contact the Membership Director at [email protected].


Membership Cost Processing Fee Total Amount
Check $40 $0 $40.00
Credit Card $40 $1.51 $41.51